To Work

Using our platform, you decide when and where to work and receive 100% of your hourly rate.

How it works:

Create your account and register:

Setup one or more positions that you are interested in.

For each position, choose within what radius of your address you want the job to be in. This radius will also be used when we show your available jobs. Configure the type of job notifications you’d like to receive.

Apply for a Position:

Look at a list of available jobs.

Check the details of positions that you are interested in.

Apply to one or more positions providing your hourly rate. Please be sure to avoid a scheduling conflict.

If hired, you will be notified by email and/or text message and will have to come to work for the assigned shift.

Currently working:

Open list with positions you are currently employed at. It could be more than one.

Choose one of them to enter the actual shift duration when the shift is complete.

If the actual time entered by the Business and Employee is the same, you will be paid.

If the actual time is not the same, an explanation will be required, and a dispute will be opened.

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